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Ventrillo info - arsenic.typefrag.com 49134 pass - cancer EVERYONE IS REQUIRE TO POST IN THE "IMPORTANT MESSAGE" TOPIC.

    hohoho hi guys


    hohoho hi guys Empty hohoho hi guys

    Post  Suboruso Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:05 pm

    this is not an application to ur clan. i just find ur forum and wanted to say hi.. I am sure some of u ll remember me (most of u wont). i played against u in Kotastic as Suborusso and i am not playing anywhere right now. And one more thing, fu pyro Razz
    CLASS: Priest
    Country: Bulgaria
    got vent? ofc
    got mic? ofc
    got life? a little
    past servers/ clans: dont remember
    how many years have u played ko? 7
    why do u wanna join the clan? i dont want
    will u be able to buy prem? no i am poor

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